AN AYRSHIRE Fire and Rescue team have successfully rescued a calf from what looked like certain death in a bog.

At the end of April, the SFRS were called out to farmland near Maybole when the calf was discovered with little more than its head above the surface.

A specialist water rescue team from Ayr assisted Maybole firefighters to bring the animal back on to dry land, after deploying an inflatable walkway which they used to walk across to get closer to its perilous position.

In pictures taken by the un-named farmer, two of the team can be seen gradually hauling the stricken beast further forward on to the ramp, whilst the other two hold the temporary structure in place.

The incident came to light when pictures were later shared on Maybole Fire Station’s social media, alongside a post reading: "We were mobilised to a cow stuck in a bog. Using specialist rescue equipment and water rescue crew from Ayr the cow was brought safely from the bog and back to dry land. Thanks to the farmer for letting us share the pictures."

A vet called to the scene carried out checks on the cow and confirmed it was healthy before it was released.

Scottish Fire and Rescue Service watch manager Jane McCulloch added: "This was a real team effort."

"The cow was well and truly stuck in an area of marshland - we could only see its head when we first arrived. We are a humanitarian service, so we were keen to remove it safely. Eventually, we managed to get it out and were delighted when the vet on site said it was healthy."