NEW RESEARCH shows 30% of consumers have been buying more British products since the Brexit referendum.

Pricing specialists Simon-Kucher have been tracking the population’s views on Brexit and its impact since the referendum in 2016 – and while views are as polarised as ever, the latest research suggests that both Leave and Remain voters are buying more British products.

About half of those buying more British goods said it was a deliberate decision to support British firms, while only 14% said it was down to the higher price of imports.

The research found more good news for British firms, with a similar proportion (33%) of consumers showing a willingness to pay more for British brands, while a further 39% expressed a preference for British brands if they were of comparable price with their international competitors. British consumers are primarily reporting an increase in purchasing local produce (63%) such as fruit and vegetables and cheeses.

But there is a downside – many consumers are not always very good at telling British from foreign brands. British brands frequently named in the research included Jack Wills, Hackett, Burberry, Yeo Valley, and Warburtons. But many consumers also thought that brands such as Prada, Nike and Walmart were British.

The firms' Rosalind Hunter said: “Many people confuse UK and foreign brands, and this points to an opportunity for British businesses to up their branding and marketing game to capture more of the ‘buy British’ market."