MÜLLER is the number one dairy brand in the UK, picked out by consumers 217 million times throughout 2018.

The statistics, contained in Kantar’s 2019 UK Brand Footprint, shows that Müller is now the eighth most chosen 'Fast-Moving Consumer Goods' brand in the UK.

Müller marketing officer Michael Inpong said: "This is not a position we take for granted, and we’re driving confidence with our customers, farmers and consumers through unprecedented investment in the British dairy industry, and initiating new ways of thinking for the long term.

“We’re revolutionising the yogurt category, reinvigorating our fresh milk business, reviving milk in

glass bottles, a Great British icon, pioneering new ways of agricultural thinking and bringing our

brand to life in lots of new and interesting ways.

“Unlike many of the other most chosen FMCG brands, we’re still relatively young. We’re on an exciting journey to leverage the power of Müller, become truly consumer centric, drive category growth and build a better business.”