VEGAN PROTESTORS gatecrashed the National Egg and Poultry Awards, held this week at the Royal Garden Hotel in Kensington London.

Ten female activists evaded security and got onto the event stage, where they waved placards and shouted into the microphone to publicise their objections to the poultry industry.

The protestors claimed that even 'high welfare' farms, recognised under the RSPCA Approved, Red Tractor Certified, British Lion Quality, and free-range schemes, had fallen short during investigations by the Animal Justice Project and Animal Equality. They also claimed that some of the NEPA nominees included farms and companies that had been exposed for animal cruelty, or were still under investigation.

"It cannot be left to the farmers or the supermarkets to investigate the supply chain or 'welfare standards'," read the protestors' statement. "This demand for animal suffering needs to end with the consumer.

"These industries only paint a photo shopped image with reassuring language to convince you that animal welfare is a priority and that strong or high standards are in place, but we have to see past this to the true victims."

The protestors released footage of their invasion onto the internet here 

Speaking for the award organisers, Simon Lewis downplayed the significance of the vegan invasion, which lasted only seconds: "The awards was a great success and rugby legend Ben Kay hosted with aplomb. All the winners were rightly recognised for their many achievements."