OVER 10,000 lambs from all over northern Scotland were sold at Lairg Market in its Great Annual Sale of North Country Cheviots – and The Scottish Farmer's photographer Rob Haining was there to capture the sights and sounds of this great gathering.

Such was the demand for store lambs on Tuesday, an increased entry saw wedder lambs rise by almost a £1 per head on the year, to an average of £52.07, while the ewe lamb trade levelled at £59.51, down £17. In all, some 13,118 lambs were cashed, up 424 on the 12,694 sold at the same sale, last year.

“It was a far better sale than many expected given the fact everyone was talking about the uncertainty relating to Brexit. But, there were a lot of people looking to buy store lambs from Fife, Aberdeenshire and Dumfries-shire,” said Donald Young, regional managing director and auctioneer for United Auctions.