GIN ENTHUSIASTS will soon be adding a new bespoke bottle to their collection, with the official launch of the new Clydesdale Gin – the second full strength addition to the Wee Farm Distillery’s range.

Jenny and Stephen McKerr are launching their new apple and rhubarb tipple at a special event this Sunday, November 3 at nearby farm shop and café, The Heron in Strathaven.

The surrounding Clyde Valley is famous for its apples, which were used to flavour the gin and the Clydesdale branding was inspired by the local heritage of the area and its working horses.

Well-known artist Jan Laird, who illustrated the design of the distillery’s first tipple – Drovers Gin – has once more offered her talents to designing the new bottle, which will be revealed for the first time to those who attend Sunday’s launch.

The Clydesdale horse featuring on the design was bred by the local Tennant family of Forth and was this year’s gelding champion at the Highland show, known as West Forth Solo.

Jenny explained the backstory to their new craft infusion and what consumers can look forward to: “Our new gin is a celebration of all things local and thanks have to go to the many local businesses who have supported us in our new gin venture. South Lanarkshire can often get a bad reputation and we want to showcase the best of the region and use the opportunity to link up with fantastic new businesses such as The Herron, who are kindly hosting the launch,” she explained.

“This region is famous for growing apples, with orchards beginning to pop up everywhere – so Clyde Valley fruits was a perfect starting point for our recipe, which we have been working on over the past year.”

Currently, The Wee Farm Distillery sources their ingredients from local farms, but in the next month they plan to plant 200 apple trees with the intention of growing their own fruit in the years to come.

“The new flavour is much sweeter than our last ‘Drovers Gin’ which we targeted as a pairing for steak - this new infusion is more suited to enjoy with dessert,” Jenny continued. “We have over forty flavours of gin liquors, but this is only our second full strength 40%abv gin and going by the tasting research we have been doing with our regular customers, we have had the thumbs up on flavour – it’s going down a treat,” she enthused.

“We are absolutely delighted to once more be teaming up with artist Jan Laird who designed the beautiful Highland cow for our first gin, and we are really pleased with the Clydesdale design she has put together for the new label.

“The Clydesdale is a striking animal and we are proud to feature it on our new design along with some history of the background of the breed. We are grateful to the Tennant family for letting us feature their award-winning horse on our new bottle, as it does give it a unique, powerful and personal selling point for the region,” she concluded.

Jan Laird will be attending the launch on Sunday, which takes place between 2pm and 5pm, and will be signing the first batch of bottles from the new range.

For those wishing to try before they buy, tastings will be available during the event with bottles on sale for £33 for 50cl for those who wish to take home a tipple of their own.

A representative from the Clydesdale horse society will also be bringing a horse along to the event and giving a talk on the heritage of the breed for those who are keen to learn more about the connection of the new spirit to the local area.