NOMINATIONS for the Humane Slaughter Association’s prestigious 2020 Humane Slaughter Award are now open.

Around the world millions of animals are transported, marketed and slaughtered every day to provide food and other resources for human benefit. Since 2010 the HSA has honoured the achievements of an individual or organisation whose work has resulted in significant advances in the welfare of farmed livestock during transport, marketing and slaughter.

The award was established to promote and recognise important contributions made in this field, as well as to inspire others to work in this area of animal welfare.

Recent winners of the award have been recognised for improving the welfare of food animals during transportation, improving the welfare of farmed fish at slaughter and leading groundbreaking research into the welfare impacts of controlled atmosphere stunning, and have included individuals and organisations from Sweden, the United Kingdom, Denmark, The Netherlands, Spain and New Zealand.

To make a nomination, see or contact the HSA office. The closing date for applications is Friday December 13, 2019.