LIVESTOCK researchers working to improve the welfare of food animals have been invited by the Humane Slaughter Association to apply for funding through its awards and scholarships.

Individuals interested in doing research into better welfare for animals during their marketing, transport and slaughter have been encouraged to apply for this year's student/trainee Dorothy Sidley Memorial Scholarships.

These Scholarships were established in 1986 as a memorial to the late Miss Dorothy Sidley, general secretary to the HSA for 48 years, provide funding to enable students or trainees in the industry to carry out a project which is clearly aimed at improving the welfare of food animals. The project may be carried out as an integral part of a student's coursework over an academic year or during the summer vacation.

HSA’s technical director, Charlie Mason, said: “The scholarships exist to encourage those with an interest in research and careers which fall within the remit of the HSA. Applicants are welcomed from students and industry trainees registered at universities or establishments in the UK and those registered outside the UK with a UFAW/HSA University Link person.”

Over 50 scholarships have been granted since the award’s inception, supporting student research across a diverse range of topics, from investigating the welfare of sheep during sea transport, to a review of the welfare of pigs during on farm euthanasia, and examining links between pre-slaughter handling of cattle and meat quality.

Professor Daniel Mills was one of the first to be awarded a scholarship: “The HSA award was fundamental to me pursuing my academic interests in animal behaviour and welfare. I never thought of myself as an academic, but this grant showed me that I had the type of enquiring mind and hunger for knowledge which are perhaps the most important attributes of a researcher. The work was published in the Veterinary Record, and the thrill of seeing something published with my name on it has not gone away. I have been extremely fortunate with the opportunities that have come my way, but I can honestly say that I don’t think this would have happened without that initial Dorothy Sidley Memorial Scholarship.”

The deadline for applications is February 28, 2020. To apply and for further information visit see