TENTH-placed in our pick of 2019's most popular stories - in November, this heartfelt letter earned widespread support from our readership...

Sir, – Currently I am trying to complete the Campaigning' badge at my local Girl Guides. For this, I have to choose a campaign topic close to my heart and have chosen to support livestock farmers and I want to start by speaking out against Tesco’s advert promoting meat free sausages.

To me the advert implies that meat-free sausages taste better than meat sausages which have been made from livestock naturally reared on a farm. I feel sad and angry that Tesco has used a child to make people feel guilty about eating meat.

This advert is promoting a lifestyle, rather than a product, which I feel is wrong.

A few days ago I bought my first calf at Thainstone Mart and I help feed and care for her every day – as I will every day for the rest of her life. Farmers do not hurt animals, they give them the best life they can.

This advert is giving farmers a bad reputation and Tesco should feel ashamed!

Samia Proctor (10)

Mains of Tollo,