THE HUMANE Slaughter Association has published free animal welfare advice for small-scale and/or seasonal poultry producers and processors

HSA’s technical director, Charlie Mason, said: “This guidance highlights and explains the particular requirements applicable to those carrying out small-scale and seasonal slaughter, which is subject to animal welfare legislative requirements in a similar way to large-scale, commercial poultry producers and processors.

"However, in relation to welfare at the time of slaughter, the application of certain requirements, such as licensing, is dependent on the nature and scale of the operation.”

Small-scale and seasonal slaughter is also subject to regulations additional to those relating to animal welfare at slaughter. These include registration with the environmental health department of the relevant local authority, to ensure compliance with animal health, animal by-product licensing and collection and disposal requirements.

The guidance, which is available to download free of charge from the charity’s website (, is primarily aimed at producers and processors in the UK, but may also be useful to producers elsewhere.