Principal and chief executive of SRUC, Professor Wayne Powell

AGRICULTURE AND land use are at the centre of the most important challenges facing Scotland and society more generally. These include the climate emergency, diet and health and the natural economy, all of which are fundamental to our future wellbeing and prosperity as a Nation.

My wish for next year is to raise our level of collective ambition and to turn these challenges into new distinctive opportunities for the people of Scotland.

To achieve this, we need to do two things brilliantly.

First, we must increase the intensity and pace of our collaboration across government, business, universities/colleges and research institutes to maximise the impact of our research and innovation on real world challenges. We can do this by creating a vibrant team Scotland ethos and approach.

Second, we need bold and creative policy interventions that are underpinned by rigorous and independent sources of evidence to support environmental sustainability, job creation and economic growth.

My personal commitment to you this New Year is that the doors of SRUC are always open to anyone who wants to work with us to achieve these goals.