EDINBURGH UNIVERSITY will continue to sell beef on its campus, following a student-wide vote which took place at the end of last week.

Almost six thousands students took to the online poll, with 58% voting against proposals to cease the sale of beef in student association cafes and restaurants.

The original proposal put forward by second year mechanical engineering student Elena Silverstein was passed with 51% support at a small student council meeting, which then led to a wider vote to all matriculated students.

The original reason for the proposal was that Ms Silverstein had urged students to consider giving up buying meat in what she believed would make a ‘very real difference to the university’s GHG emissions overnight’.

Edinburgh University have issued a statement to highlight some of the work they are doing in regard to sustainability on campus.

“Our local food policy means we source our fresh food, such as meat and dairy, from within 35 miles wherever possible. This means less impact on the environment from our activities. Following the interesting debate generated from this particular issue, the students’ association will increase our work on sustainability, including continuing to improve in areas such as food choice and local food sourcing.”

Despite the ban on beef not going ahead, the university has already taken steps to reduce its consumption on campus, with refreshed menus to include more vegan and vegetarian options and Meat Free Mondays to encourage students to explore plant-based foods.

In an effort to better inform students on the sustainability of different food production systems, SRUC will be hosting a public debate on food policy on February 28, which all students associated with Edinburgh University are encouraged to attend.