RURAL CHARITIES RSABI and RHET benefitted from last week's NFU Scotland Annual Dinner, where £4194 was raised to be shared between them.

The dinner, held at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Glasgow, saw donations from guests, with £2097 going to each charity via cheques presented at NFU Scotland’s conference the following day.

NFU Scotland president, Andrew McCornick, said: “I am delighted that once again NFUS has decided to support RSABI and RHET as the role of both is hugely important to our industry.

“Demand for the help and services offered by rural charity RSABI is growing year on year and the need for practical, emotional and financial support for those in Scottish agriculture who may be struggling on a number of levels has never been higher.

“Similarly, the need for us, as an industry, to engage positively with school children across Scotland and help improve their understanding of food, farming, the working countryside and the wider environment continues to grow.

“RHET’s coordination of school visits to working farms, materials for teachers and classroom talks by farmers ensure that the fantastic story we have on how we farm and produce food here in Scotland reaches the next generation of consumers.”