SCOTLAND’S MEN’S team brought home three gold medals from the Tug of War World Championships in Letterkenny, ROI, last weekend. Successfully defending their world title in the 680kg and 640kg closed categories, they also reclaimed their title in the 680kg open, that they had lost last in 2018.

Zander Spiers told the SF that he was delighted to win his first ever world gold medal: “I have been pulling tug of war for 10years and never thought that my first world gold medal would come in the heavyweight 640kg class. I would easily be the smallest puller in any of the teams in that weight class so feel particularly proud to have been mixing in with the big boys”.

At the other end of the weight scale was Duncan Lyon, who won his 14th gold medal and what will be his last, as he hangs up his shoes after 29 years. However, the Lyon dynasty will continue in the form of his the nephews Iain, Robert and Zander Lyon who were all part of the winning team.

Also in the super heavyweight team were Norman Cook and Gary Gillespie who were in the first ever world gold medal winning team 21years a go. Gary is the oldest person to win a world title at 65 years old and will also be hanging up his shoes.