SCOTLAND’S FARMING union has launched a service to help Scottish fruit and vegetable growers recruit workers who have lost their jobs or are on unpaid leave due to coronavirus.

The web-based service can be found at:

Those looking for employment are asked to apply using the contact details provided by each farm on the website. For those businesses looking to recruit, there is a labour requirement form to complete and return to NFUS allowing details to be added to an interactive map of employment opportunities.

NFU Scotland president Andrew McCornick said the agricultural industry was facing a shortage of seasonal migrant labour due to the pandemic and this was one tool to help secure the staff needed on Scotland’s farms.

Mr McCornick said: “These are extremely challenging times for many different sectors and industries. In a bid to come together as community, NFU Scotland has launched a portal on our website which allow farmers who need labour to advertise their positions to those within the Scottish workforce who have suddenly found themselves out of work.

“Many farmers and growers are going to be badly affected by a lack of foreign workers available due to Covid-19, just when they are needed for planting and harvesting of fruit and vegetable crops.This shortfall of workers is coinciding with a number of Scottish and UK workers being laid off indefinitely.

“In these unprecedented times it is important that we work together to help provide jobs for those needing them while at the same time maintaining the flow of the home-produced, healthy food which Scotland’s farmers, crofters and growers are known for.”