Pest management must continue during the ongoing Covid-19 lockdown to avoid risks to public safety and the UK food supply chain.

The British Pest Control Association (BPCA) has warned of the longer term risks to business if its members' services are neglected due to business closures during the pandemic. Rodents, flies and many other pests carry and transmit diseases, some of which can be fatal, as well as contaminate food, wreck a property’s infrastructure, ruin stock and damage a business’ reputation.

Defra Secretary of State George Eustice has also confirmed it as an essential sector during the Covid-19 outbreak.

Director of Dalgetty Pest Control, David Dalgetty said : “Proactive pest management is the only way we can minimise the risks that pests post to public health and safety, particularly in regard to the contamination of our food supplies.

“As National Pest Control Technician Association members we are highly trained, qualified to maintain the highest standards and are able to continue providing this essential service, while mitigating the risks of Covid - 19.

“Rodents and flies can breed at alarming rates if left undetected. Mice, as an example, can breed up to eight times a year, with their lifecycle from conception to maturity being between 9 and 11.5 weeks – it highlights the enormity of the problem if people don’t stay on top of pest management."

In line with Government and BPCA guidance, Dalgetty have taken steps to adapt their services and all new cases will be discussed over the phone initially, with photos requested to help identify the problem. Each situation will then be assessed before advising whether a call-out is required.