NEW RESEARCH to study coronavirus and its wider impact on rural Scotland has been commissioned by the Scottish Government.

The Epidemiology Research Unit at SRUC has been awarded £36,118 to research the quantitative epidemiology of Covid-19 in rural Scotland.

This is part of a wider funding package of £5 million which has been awarded for research projects to increase the understanding of the virus, screen potential treatments and support clinical trials.

SRUC is one of 15 Scottish universities and research institutions contributing to global efforts to combat coronavirus and its wider effects.

Head of Research at SRUC, Professor Eileen Wall, said: “This extremely competitive rapid response research call had a strong NHS focus, helping to develop solutions for Scotland to respond to the Covid-19 challenges.

“A total of 139 projects were submitted from 19 Scottish HEIs and partners, including five diverse research projects proposed by SRUC researchers and partners," she continued.

“Building on a wealth of experience in animal disease epidemiology, Dr Aaron Reeves will work with SRUC and NHS Highland colleagues to undertake a six-month project looking at the quantitative epidemiology of Covid-19 in rural Scotland.

“It highlights how important it is for us to think outside our traditional research domain and area of activity to help deliver solutions for the current challenges we face, and we will work with all the project teams to explore other funding opportunities for their ideas.”