A PARACETAMOL paste for horses has been helping to address paracetamol shortages in the UK.

Equine vets have needed to rely on human paracetamol as the licensed veterinary version is combined with codeine. However, with paracetamol supply currently restricted to human medicine, there have been concerns that horse welfare could be compromised.

Pharmaceutical company BOVA has now released a highly concentrated paste version for horses, which has also made dosing for equine vets and their clients far easier than counting out multiple tablets.

Veterinary director at The Horse Trust, Nicky Housby Skeggs, commented: “We treat a number of horses with paracetamol on a regular basis either to complement NSAIDs in cases of chronic or acute pain and in cases where NSAIDs are inappropriate. The current supply of human paracetamol is rightly restricted due to its importance in human medicine. BOVA launching a paracetamol paste is a great step towards ensuring the welfare of horses is not affected. We have now starting using it to treat a number of patients and we are very pleased to say the patients think it is absolutely delicious!”