FARMERS and crofters who will need an agricultural dispensation for wide vehicle movements during this year's harvest period have been advised to apply to Police Scotland early.

With working patterns in Police Scotland’s Abnormal Loads team affected by Covid-19, NFU Scotland has encouraged its members to apply for a dispensation or a renewal at least six weeks before it may actually be required.

The scheme, which the union agreed with Police Scotland following extensive discussions, enables members with wide vehicles to apply for a dispensation that avoids them having to notify police for each individual movement.

Abnormal load dispensations are required if a vehicle and implement is over three metres in width and/or projects more than four metres. Farmers and contractors should check the dimensions of their vehicles and implement and any vehicle which exceeds these dimensions or may exceed them with an implement attached should be included on the dispensation. The application is simple and free of charge.

Farmers or contractors wanting to use this scheme can obtain an application form from Police Scotland or members can get it from NFUS by logging into the member’s section of the union’s website and using the form enclosed in the Business Guide or requesting a form from The completed form should be emailed to:

On receipt of this form, if deemed appropriate, Police Scotland will issue a dispensation letter. It is important for recipients to check the details of the dispensation and carry the letter in all vehicles covered by it.

NFUS members looking for more information in relation to wide vehicle movement requirements can seek advice from the union's free helpline for transport and vehicles.

Union transport advisor, Jamie Smart, who runs the helpline said: “There have been no derogations during Covid-19 for moving agricultural wide vehicles on the roads so it is important that farmers wishing to move vehicles or implements over three metres combined width must obtain a dispensation from Police Scotland.

“However, like all businesses, the abnormal loads office at Police Scotland are having to practice social distancing which may slow down applications. It is therefore recommended that farmers requiring a dispensation or renewal apply in plenty of time preferably six weeks before it is required or previous one expires.

“A copy of the dispensation document should be carried in vehicles pertaining to it and produced in the event the vehicle is stopped by Police Scotland. We once again thank Police Scotland for their continued support of this scheme, which NFU Scotland successfully pushed to have introduced.”