A NEW Covid-19 testing kit is now available to the agricultural industry.

Eurofins Agro UK, an agricultural materials analysis specialist, is introducing a way to test for the virus on surfaces and equipment.

The virus can survive on surfaces for up to 72 hours and the ability to test for it in agricultural packaging and handling facilities will offer a new way to help protect employees and the public from the virus.

The kits contain swabs that are used to take a sample from potentially contaminated surfaces. Any surface that has a high risk of spreading the virus between employees such as door handles, communal toilets, canteens, meeting rooms, shared desks, machinery and vehicles can be tested regularly to prevent the spread of the virus.

Regular testing can be used to monitor and eventually strengthen the effectiveness of any measures put in place to protect against the virus. For example, it could highlight problems with a cleaning regime, allowing users to restrict access to a contaminated area and perform a deep clean.

Early testing could save lives and help protect a farm or business’s ability to trade during the pandemic. For more information on testing kits, Eurofins can be contacted directly on 01902 627 227 or email AgroTesting@eurofins.co.uk.