A MEMBERS Bill which seeks to strengthen existing legislation around protection of livestock is to be considered in the Scottish Parliament.

The Rural Economy and Connectivity Committee has issued a call for views on the Dogs (Protection of Livestock) (Amendment) (Scotland) Bill, which looks to introduce tougher penalties and enforcement powers in the hope of tackling cases of livestock worrying.

Some of the proposals included in the draft law introduced by Emma Harper MSP include; convicted persons could face up to six months imprisonment and/or receive a fine for up to £5000. It also includes new powers to disqualify the person from owning or keeping a dog for a determined period, amongst other powers to help improve the ability to secure evidence.

Committee Convener, Edward Mountain MSP, said: “Dog attacks cause suffering to farm animals, resulting in distress and significant financial cost to farmers.

“Emma Harper believes the current law in relation to livestock worrying is out of date and that tougher enforcement powers and penalties are needed to act as a deterrent.

“The purpose of the committee’s call for evidence is to understand the need for further legislation in this area and to seek views on whether the additional powers and increased punishments proposed are sufficient and proportionate.”

Please send your views to rec.committee@parliament.scot by Friday August 28 2020.