SCOTLAND'S FAMOUS lorne sausage has inspired the newest flavour of Mackie's crisps, which will be available from various retailers throughout this summer.

This limited-edition 'lorne sausage and brown sauce' flavour from Mackies follows last winter's successful limited creation of 'haggis, neeps and tatties.'

Just 150,000 of the 150g bags will be made and some of these have already hit the shelves, debuting in Scotmid stores throughout the country.

The crisps will be on offer in Aldi from June 29, Sainsbury's from July 8 (as part of a 12-week promotion), Tesco from August 20 and SPAR stores from later this week.

In addition, the brand has secured a listing with British Corner Shop – an online site that can ship worldwide – and means those throughout the UK can sample the new flavour.

Commercial Director with Mackie's Crisps, James Taylor, said: “We're fiercely proud of our national dishes – and haggis aside – it's hard to think of anything more symbolically Scottish than a lorne sausage.

“By having a number of the biggest retailers on board with our fun, ambitious new flavour, it should mean that anyone who wants to give them a try is able to.

“During development, the lorne sausage and brown sauce flavour became an instant hit with all of our team," he continued. “There is a lot of debate whether to call it a lorne or square sausage, but regardless the crisps really do taste like the real thing – and have a complex and satisfying taste. They might just make the perfect crisp butty!

“We'll be very keen to hear feedback from end consumers and trade clients. We're not ruling out the possibility that any of our limited-edition flavours could become permanent additions to our range,” he concluded.