Scotland’s dairy farmers are being asked to attend online Zoom meetings where they can voice their opinions on dairy contract reform

The Government's consultation on the subject has been described as a ‘once in a generation’ opportunity for dairy farmers to have their say in shaping a more effective, and fairer dairy supply chain.

NFU Scotland has now organised a series of online meetings where producers can get an overview of this consultation and the issues it covers, as well as an opportunity to raise concerns and issues around it. All Scottish dairy farmers are encouraged to join at least one of these meetings.

Along with the meetings, NFU Scotland has also created a dedicated webpage for the consultation as well as guidance on how to fill out the consultation, and details of its own position.

NFUS milk chairman Gary Mitchell said: “This is the most important consultation in the last thirty years for dairy farmers in the UK and a once in a generation opportunity for farmers to reform an uneven supply chain.

“We see that there is a huge opportunity to change the structure of the dairy industry to make it more sustainable, progressive and improve the way farmers and processors work together for common goals but it is vital that we get the input from dairy farmers throughout the country.

“I would encourage every dairy farmer to sign up to one of the four meetings we have scheduled for the end of July as well as filling out the actual consultation."

The meetings are scheduled for:

Monday July 27, 7pm - go to

Tuesday July 28, 12 noon - go to

Tuesday July 28, 7pm - go to

Wednesday July 29, 7pm - go to

Producers who are unable to attend any of these meetings should contact NFUS policy manager, George Jamieson, at

The Government’s consultation on Contractual relationships in the UK dairy industry can be found at

• NFU Scotland’s Dairy Contracts webpage can be found at