RENEWABLES trade bodies and associations have called on Chancellor Rishi Sunak to place renewable technologies at the heart of the UK's post Covid-19 green recovery plans.

Acting together, the Anaerobic Digestion and Bioresources Association, the Association for Decentralised Energy, ECA, the REA, Scottish Renewables and the UK Sustainable Investment and Finance Association, have highlighted the value of scaling up the renewables industry to develop a circular economy that meets net zero targets and provides not only return on investment, but crucially, millions of jobs and energy security.

Referring to the Prime Minister's campaign to 'Build Back Better', the signatories have asked the Government to ensure the UK 'builds back green' by:

• choosing renewables as a safer and more lucrative investment option than fossil fuels;

• focussing on job creation across all renewables and related low carbon technologies – not just solar and wind;

• ensuring energy security for the UK is achieved through renewables.

The consortium also called for the UK to show leadership in the lead up to the UN Conference of Parties on Climate Change (COP26) in Glasgow in November 2021. With the US stepping out of the Paris Agreement and China reneging on previous green pledges, there was 'an opportunity for someone else to show leadership on the green transition and give the world renewed hope'.

ADBA chief executive Charlotte Morton said: "Investing in renewables and circular economy technologies now is an absolute necessity to ensure we transition out of fossil fuels into green energy sources to achieve the UK's net zero targets, creating tens of thousands of green jobs in the process. We're delighted to be joining forces with renewables and related associations to make the case for our industries and ensure we can play our part in building a better, greener economy in the UK."

Luke Osborne, energy advisor at engineering services trade body ECA, said: “The Government’s commitment to a green recovery is positive, but it must be powered by a renewables revolution. We urge the Government to lead the way ahead of the upcoming COP summit by incentivising and backing clean energy sources. A renewables revolution will create thousands of jobs, boost the economy, and help improve the UK’s energy security.”

Scottish Renewables chief executive Claire Mack said: “Our research has shown that every gigawatt of renewable power installed in Scotland has created 1500 jobs and added £133 million of GVA to our economy. Put simply, the renewable energy industry is Scotland’s passport to green economic recovery from the coronavirus pandemic. No other industry but renewables provides the opportunity for investment, improvement of health and tackling the climate emergency in one, often shovel-ready package.”