THE SHEEP industry has welcomed a pledge to increase the use of British wool.

The National Sheep Association praised the Welsh Government who made the commitment to consider using more British wool as a natural insulation product in Wales’ public buildings.

The move comes after a UK wide petition launched earlier this year called on the UK Government to use sustainable British Wool products for new home insulation and carpeting in any publicly financed building projects. The petition started in response to critically low prices for wool paid to many of the UK’s sheep farmers this summer.

NSA Chief Executive Phil Stocker commented: “NSA is very pleased to hear the encouraging news of the Welsh Government’s future intention, aiming to use British Wool in its buildings, a move that we hope has been noted in Westminster and elsewhere, and will become standard for all public buildings across the UK.

“Whilst we welcome this announcement from Welsh Government, we also must recognise calls from opposition parties to confirm this pledge with a more formal commitment to fully ensure this future positive move for the UK’s sheep farmers,” he stressed.