DAIRY FARMERS urged to have their say over future decisions on milk supply chains by taking part in the dairy contracts consultation which ends in less than a week.

The Scottish Conservatives are encouraging farmers who have not yet responded to the consultation to not miss the opportunity to shape policy moving forward.

Newly appointed Rural Economy spokesperson Oliver Mundell MSP stressed that for too long there have been unfair practices across the dairy sector in Scotland and has welcomed inter-government action to implement changes.

“I know many farmers will have already fed in to this consultation and I would encourage those who haven’t done so already to take this last opportunity," urged Mr Mundell.

“This consultation is wide reaching and will ensure that the voices of our dairy sector will be heard in any future policies for the industry going forward."

He added that the consultation can help to bring about greater fairness in the sector, deliver competitive milk prices and continue to ensure dairy farmers across the country can continue to put food on the table.

Mr Mundell continued: “Efforts to ensure competitive milk prices and greater fairness in the sector as a whole is long overdue. When this consultation closes, I hope to see that there has been the highest possible uptake from dairy farmers from all parts of Scotland who have made their voices heard.”

A link to the consultation can be found HERE