FARM VETS cannot work from home, so the latest Government guidance on limiting the spread of Covid-19 does not change a lot about how they go about their business – but it is a timely reminder to both vets and their clients to strictly observe social distancing measures.

So said the British Veterinary Association, as it responded to updates issued by governments in Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland, setting out new measures that the public will need to follow following a sharp rise in novel coronavirus cases across the UK.

BVA president James Russell said: “These speeches will not change much in terms of how veterinary professionals work in clinical practice and our advice and guidance on working safely remains in place. But the statements do serve as a timely reminder for everyone to follow social distancing requirements and as a strong message to clients to both follow and respect the requests and decisions that individual practices make in the interests of keeping colleagues and clients safe.

“We know how well practices have already adapted to new restrictions and adjusted their ways of working so that they can offer a safe working environment while keeping animal health and welfare front and centre," said Mr Russell. "Now that the UK governments have given a clear signal that we may have many months of restrictions and challenges ahead, we’d recommend that teams continually assess their ways of working to make sure they and their clients feel safe and supported.”