NORTHUMBERLAND shepherdess Emma Gray will be on TV tonight (Friday) putting her record-breaking sheepdogs through their paces.

Ms Gray, from Fallowlees Farm in Harwood Forest, appears in 'Friday on the Farm', on Channel 5, when featured farmers Rob and Dave Nicholson, of Cannon Hall Farm in South Yorkshire, visit her with a view to buying a sheepdog.

Having sold a dog for a record-breaking £18,900, she has a reputation for training top notch sheepdogs. Rob said: “It was great to visit Emma and see how she works with her dogs. When looking for a new dog we wanted to go to the best and so made the journey.’

Emma said: “Living out here, cut off from everything, makes it a great environment for training sheepdogs.’

'Friday on the Farm', screening tonight, October 9 at 9pm on Channel 5, is hosted by Helen Skelton and Jules Hudson, and is one episode of a six part series.