Sir, – You can plead with people to take heed of disasters, but if liars get into the system, they will paint rosy pictures of what empty promise will fulfil and the gullible will swallow it.

We have Brexit!

Stupid people voted for this, thinking that it was about immigration, to keep foreigners out of out easy going life. But now we find that is not the case. It was about money and the transfer of monies out of the country and not paying tax!

Now we are at the edge, are we going to get a deal so that the lesser man can make a living when the super rich can export their monies without paying tax?

We are now finding that the UK government is busy fleecing the country by handing out mind boggling contracts to Tory funders – imagine claiming £7500 per day for just giving advice? Simple maths means this gives a gain of £52k a week – so if the advisors are in employment for a year ... you do the math!

Alas, our media (the BBC come to mind) cannot see anything wrong with this working practise as there are many fat cats in the organisation, also funded by the tax payer.

Many farmers and crofters voted for Brexit on the promise that they would get continuing support. Ah-ha, the writing is on the wall – this Boris government has already gone back on their word, WTO rules 87% tariff on wheat.

This country does not produce much bread-making wheat, so expect bread to increase in price, but wages will remain the same.

The country will be bankrupt, as they cannot keep on printing money!

Bith a duine glic beo air an amadan

Angus A Macdonald