RINGLINK SCOTLAND has appointed Fife-based James Orr to the cooperative’s board of 10 directors.

The UK's largest machinery ring has a membership base of close to 3000 members and has seen significant growth progressing from a company focusing entirely on agriculture into a diverse business which now includes haulage, construction, and forestry together with a variety of other business activities.

New addition Mr Orr – who manages around 1500 acres near Cupar, growing potatoes, carrots, parsnips, broccoli, and cereals together with beef finishing cattle – is keen to help rollout the 'pre-apprenticeship' scheme and attract new blood in to the industry.

Mr Orr said: “It never ceases to amaze me the wealth of talent within the food and farming industry and particularly so within the Ringlink group. Great people are at the heart of every great business and it is comforting to know at Ringlink, there is a knowledgeable helping hand on the end of the phone to assist with training requirements or deal with complex utility contracts, fulfilling labour requirements and any other daily business," he continued.

“I keenly look forward to helping Ringlink roll out the Pre apprenticeship scheme across Fife and beyond. It is extremely important we attract new blood into the industry, gain from their knowledge of technology and harness their enthusiasm"

Commenting on James Orr’s appointment, Ringlink chairman, James Porter said: “James Orr runs a very successful mixed farming business, and has been a thoughtful and motivated contributor to farming in Scotland for many years, as a director of ESG, and on the people and skills board of Scotland food and drink. He is particularly interested in bringing young people into the industry, and the combination of sound business acumen and a clear desire to help and co-operate with others makes him a valuable addition to a strong board of directors. I am delighted to welcome him onto the board”.