AGRI-TECH company Trimble Agriculture has pledged to match donations of up to $100,000 to improve access to food and nutrition for 50 million women, children, small-scale producers and their families in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

The company will be matching funds donated to the 'She Feeds the World' campaign run by non-profit organisation CARE, in the hope of increasing its impact on developing rural communities.

The campaign provides resources and training to women in farming worldwide, giving them the tools they need to increase farm productivity and efficiency, boosting crop yields and income. Through empowering women and improving access to resources and markets, the project aims to contribute positively to food access and nutrition while multiplying the impact of agriculture in rural communities.

“As a company deeply entrenched in agriculture, we are proud to be amplifying the important cause of CARE and She Feeds the World,” said Jim Chambers, worldwide vice president and general manager at Trimble’s Agriculture Division.

“Empowering women in developing economies is one of the primary focus areas of the Trimble Foundation Fund – Trimble’s philanthropic initiative – and this campaign enables our agriculture business to align with that mission. It is important to us that we support programmes that connect women with the necessary resources for their farms, families and communities to succeed.

Juan Echanove, senior director of food and water systems for CARE, added: “Food and nutrition security is now severely impacted by Covid-19, as supply chains are disrupted and markets close.

“To avoid a crisis in the immediate term, the response to the pandemic must address food and nutrition security among the most vulnerable and those in extreme poverty, especially women and girls. Support from a global agricultural partner like Trimble will allow us to positively impact even more rural communities during these difficult times, and reach new audiences who share our dedication to fighting poverty.”

Individuals can donate to CARE through Trimble’s website between November 1 and November 30, with each pound matched 1:1.

Trimble is also offering farmers the opportunity to enter to win a GFX-750™ display and NAV-900 bundle, with no donation necessary.

To donate and enter for a chance to win, visit