AGRISCOT might have been devoid of some of the UK’s finest dairy animals strutting their stuff on the famous green sawdust on Wednesday, but there were still some 'show' celebrations to be had.

The Scottish Farmer had decided to let our readers choose the Champions of the Decade in both the SuperCow and SuperHeifer sections – and it invoked an amazing response.

Our readers enthusiastically joined in to vote for their choice of champions and the winning Champions of the Decade were announced by editor, Ken Fletcher, to the on-line audience at AgriScot on Wednesday.

The SuperCow Champion of the Decade winner was Sandyford Clover 10, from the Tomlinson family, from Leicester.

Owner Blaise Tomlinson was over the moon for what will definitely be a final award for this great animal. She was SuperCow champion in 2013 at an amazing 11 years old, having won the same award in 2008. And, she was only put down last year at 17, having won just about every accolade in the book.

"She was always a special animal from day one," Blaise told The Scottish Farmer. "And she has left a tremendous legacy behind her, including three sons who are breeding very well in AI stations.

"As well as that, she's had a a lifetime production of more than 130 tonnes of milk at 4.5% butterfat and 3.4% protein and I would say that at least 50% of entire Ayrshire herd is now related to her either through the female side, or by sons of her. In fact, our show team this year would definitely have been made up of some of her descendants."

The SuperHeifer Champion of the Decade proved a double for the Ayrshire breed. This was the 2015 champion, Bruchag Talent Evelyn, a jointly owned animal brought out by the Lawrie family, from near Ayr, and bred by James McAlister, on Bute.

This was another that was a winner from a young age: "She's always been special animal," said Gilmour Lawrie, who is also vice-chairman of AgriScot. "And she was progressing into a great cow, in fact she came back and won the Ayrshire section at AgriScot as a young cow the following year.

"Plus, there's little doubt in my mind that she would also have been back there again this year. I'm not saying that she would have won, but she's a very special show animal that we've been proud to show in any company."

It was a quirk of fate that brought her to the Lawries set-up at Brieryside and Sandyford, near Ayr, in 2015 just prior to the event. "I'd been down to judge the Ayrshires at Rothesay Show in 2014, but it was cancelled that year and I was fortunate enough to be asked back the next year and when I saw Evelyn, I just fell in love with her," added Gilmour.

James added: "There was only ever one place she was going to go if not at home and that was to the Lawries. Our family have a great association with them over many years and they are masters of bringing out great show cattle. I was thinking of coming out the farm at that time and so it was fated that she would go to Brieryside.

"When I saw her at AgriScot that year it just proved that it had been the right decision."

Again, she's proven to be a milker too. "She's averaged 11,000 litres at 4.8% butterfat and 3.7% protein, which means she's produced more than 50 tonnes of milk in four and a half lactations," added Gilmour.