SUPPORTERS AND past members of SAYFC have been urged to ‘give back’ to the organisation by signing up to become a mentor for the next generation.

The success of SAYFC relies on the personal successes of its members leading the individual Clubs and Districts. In a move to do more to help office bearers get more out of their roles and have a positive experience during their time in office, SAYFC has teamed up with Project Scotland to create a mentoring programme to ensure there is always someone there to help individuals with the challenges and dilemmas they face.

Whether that be a Club Chairman, District Secretary or a member of a National Committee, SAYFC wants to match them up with someone that can offer them one-to-one support.

Commenting, SAYFC chair Gemma Bruce said: “SAYFC is hugely grateful to the ongoing support from past members and supporters, by signing up as a mentor, they can give something back to an organisation which they benefited from and which we all want to continue to impact young people in rural Scotland in a positive way.”

A briefing session will be held for mentors over zoom during the evenings on February 15, 17 and 23.

With Young Farmer Club elections commencing in March, the idea is to have a team of mentors ready to help the new Club office bearers as they start their journey. By introducing members to mentoring, SAYFC hopes they find it beneficial and something they continue to get involved with throughout the different stages of life both as a mentor and mentee.

If you would be interested in signing up to help someone in your area, please contact