HOME SCHOOLING during the pandemic has not been easy on parents, teachers and kids across Scotland, but lockdown learning just got a lot more interesting thanks to Forfar JAC.

Club member Victoria Johnston noticed a trend this January making the rounds on social media 'farmfromhome' and spoke to her club committee about creating their own home learning videos to educate kids on farming during this third Lockdown.

So far, the club has put together two educational videos which look at lambing all the way through to slaughter and a potatoes video from planting to sale. The club is very keen to show the farm to fork process in their content and have plans in the pipeline for more videos looking at beef, arable and possibly pigs.

The videos first appeared on Forfar JAC's social media channels but after being approached by a local head teacher they have now posted the videos on their new Youtube channel – so they have a further reach and can be used as an educational tool.

The Club has challenged viewers once watching the video to write, draw or talk about something they have learned which can then be shared.

Victoria Johnston presented the lambing video, taking viewers around her beef and sheep farm in the hills of Angus, explaining how they rear sheep on the family farm. In the video she covers everything that happens during lambing, how their stock is fattened and right through to being sold through the ring the following year.

Commenting on putting the videos together, she said: "My main aim of this wee project was to keep our club’s name at the forefront of people’s mind even when we can’t be out volunteering at events and such. I also wanted to create something that parents who are juggling working from home, childcare, housework and home schooling could set in front of their kids, which was educational and different but gave the parents some time to have a cup of tea in peace or five minutes to themselves," she continued.

"I shared the video I made on my personal Instagram and it currently has over 1900 views. I am not sure of the reach the club’s page has had but I know the response has been great. Landward here I come?...Maybe not haha!"

Victoria hopes the videos can be used in school to continue to educate kids on where their food comes form even when schools do begin to return to normal.

For those who would like to access the videos via Forfar JAC's Youtube channel you can click HERE and watch this space for more educational content in the near future.