MEMBERS OF the Scottish Association of Young Farmers Clubs have lent their efforts to the national vaccination programme and began administering vaccines this week.

As part of the ongoing fight against Covid-19, SAYFC national chairperson Gemma Bruce of Udny JAC will join various other young farmers who’ve recently been trained across the country.

Ms Bruce will continue her current work as a pharmacist in Aberdeenshire but will take part in the national vaccination programme out with her normal working hours at the pharmacy.

“Now with the various vaccinations being available for us, it feels like an exciting time to provide my own help in the battle against further breakout of coronavirus, a virus that’s certainly shook up my year in the chair at SAYFC,” commented Ms Bruce.

I, amongst many other Young Farmers who I know are helping with vaccinations too – have a busy few months ahead of us (but exciting months I feel). There is hope, for farmers, crofters and our rural communities to once again be the heartbeat of the country post full vaccination roll out and reduction of virus statistics.”

Thousands of vaccinators were sought after across the country to ensure local services are fully protecting their communities from the virus. One of those, from Mauchline Young Farmers Club is Eilidh Ramsay. In her day job she can be found working as a full-time dentist in West Lothian.

“I'm grateful to have already received my first dose and I can't wait to start vaccinating patients in NHS Lothian,” said Ms Ramsay. “Hopefully we can get them rolled out quickly and safely so we can all see our friends and families again soon!”

The Royal Highland Agricultural Society of Scotland has joined SAYFC in the national vaccine rollout, opening up their brand-new Members Pavilion to offer capacity for around 7000 vaccinations to take place weekly.