SUPERMARKET giant ASDA has been called to account for the dearth of Scottish produce on its shelves.

In recent years, ASDA has been lambasted by the farming sector for stocking less than 15% Scotch beef on its shelves and no Scotch lamb whatsoever.

SNP candidate for Aberdeenshire West, Fergus Mutch, recently wrote to all the major supermarkets, encouraging them to do more to support Scotland’s farmers by increasing the availability of the Scotch brand.

Mr Mutch has since highlighted the scant response he received back from ASDA – a three line reply saying that 'Scottish suppliers are well represented' on its shelves, and noting that there was a commitment to sell 100% Scottish beef joints.

Mr Mutch said: “The facts are the facts. ASDA is among the worst supermarkets in supporting Scottish farmers and food producers.

“Reports have found that they have barely any Scotch beef for sale, and no Scotch lamb whatsoever. To claim black is white and that ‘Scottish suppliers are well represented’ is just insulting," he said.

“It’s the height of arrogant complacency for a £7 billion company to claim they’re supporting Scottish producers when quite obviously they are not. Customers will take a dim view of these claims.

“ASDA can and should do better to support Scottish food and drink at a really uncertain time for the sector. I’d urge it to do so much more than simply resting on their laurels.”