SPRING is on our doorstep, as the clocks go forward this Sunday and lambing will soon be in full flow across the country.

A wonderful time in the farming calendar with new life on the farm but it can also be a very taxing time for the industry, with many working long hours without the same number of hands to help.

The Scottish Farmer and RSABI are keen to remind our readers to ask for help during this busy period if the support offered by RSABI could provide relief for anyone who might be struggling.

The following story is representative of a typical RSABI case and the support on offer by the charity. All names and some of the particulars have been changed to maintain confidentiality.

Jimmy’s Story

Jimmy had been managing his farm and looking after his wife who was in poor health. Jimmy came to RSABI as he realised that with lambing looming he could not do both. He had approached the local council who had supplied a carer to come in once a day but they had limited respite care available and his wife could not be left for long periods of time.

We talked about labour coming in to help but there were no funds within the business to pay for labour…and like all farmers he preferred to manage his own lambing. RSABI helped by supplying a grant to pay for respite care for his wife which allowed Jimmy to get through lambing.

Jimmy’s wife passed away shortly after and he contacted RSABI again admitting he was struggling to get up in the morning and get motivated. The Helpline Team offered to call him every morning for a couple of weeks, just to make sure he was up and about. Once he felt he was in a better place, these support calls were made weekly. We have continued to support Jimmy on a weekly basis for nearly two years now and he really appreciates the calls.

If you, or someone you know, is struggling please call the RSABI helpline on 0300 111 4166. The helpline is open every day of the year from 7am to 11pm.

RSABI and The Scottish Farmer

At The Scottish Farmer we fully appreciate the work done by RSABI during crisis times, like the one we are in just now where lockdown and a lack of social interaction is affecting the mental health of so many people.

To show our support to the fantastic efforts of this charitable organisation we’re offering a special subscription package tied to RSABI. Signing up to this includes an individual donation, on your behalf, to become part of the RSABI individual supporter scheme. It’s a great and easy way to show support for this great organisation – and get your favourite farming newspaper!

A one year subscription costs £134, with two years priced at £244 – both prices include a RSABI supporter scheme donation. Go on-line at www.thescottishfarmer.co.uk and visit the subscriptions page or phone 0141 302 7718 and quote the offer code 4659 to take advantage of this deal.