Bread, dairy, and handcrafts producers from across Scotland have been invited to apply for the 2021 Scottish Championships to be held as part of this summer's Royal Highland Showcase.

The showcase, the first of its kind in the UK, will bring together the best in food, farming and rural life 'in glorious technicolour' beamed into homes, sheds, fields and tractors around the globe using the latest technology, the best quality product and some ‘well kent’ faces fronting the online event, which has been made possible by a £750,000 grant from the Scottish Government.

In normal show years, the RHS produce championships attract producers and crafters of the highest-quality and are recognised as respected industry accolades which can greatly benefit successful entrants. Organisers reckon that this opportunity is enhanced this year, as the results will be streamed online to a global audience.

Entries will be judged by a panel of experienced industry experts prior to the Royal Highland Showcase, which will take place June 14 to 20.

The Dairy Championships comprise competitions for cheese, ice cream, yoghurt and butter. As a new prize for this year, the 2021 Ice Cream Champion will be offered a complimentary Trade space at the 2022 Royal Highland Show, to enable them to market their award-winning products within Scotland’s Larder Live!

A showcase of creativity, the Handcrafts Championships include a variety of art forms, from porcelain and beadwork to baskets and walking sticks. This year’s theme is ‘Sports for All’.

Each year the Bread Championships, held in association with Scotland the Bread, attract a high calibre of entries. This year, they will feature two new classes – for Enriched Sourdough bread and also for a Lockdown Loaf, for home bakers who have embraced real breadmaking during lockdown.

RHASS competitions manager, David Tennant, commented: “The Scottish Championships are a unique opportunity for producers and makers to show off their skills and have them displayed on a world stage this year at the Royal Highland Showcase.

“They always attract the cream of the crop from across the country and are an excellent chance to have your produce judged by experts at the very top of their fields. Whether you are a large company or a small family business, now is the time to get your entries in for the chance of winning a renowned Gold, Silver or Bronze award – they are a true mark of quality and consumers recognise this.”

Online entries close for the Scottish Championships on May 7. Full details of entry criteria and classes can be found on the Royal Highland Show website.