Farmers must remember to complete the mandatory June Agricultural Census – but they now have until midnight on Monday, August 2 to do so.

Responses from the census are used by Scottish Government and industry bodies as evidence of how the agricultural sector is performing, as well as issues relating to animal health and welfare. The information gathered helps ScotGov make evidence-based decisions on how to best support agriculture.

Farmers with a Rural Payments and Services account, should check their emails and follow the guidance provided to access the Census online.

Alternatively, they can start the survey by going directly to the RP and S website and logging in using their username and password for the site, then clicking on ‘Ag Census’.

Farmers who have received a paper Census form should return their completed form using the postage paid envelope provided.

Farmers who do not have an RP and S account, who cannot access their form online, or who have not received a paper form can still provide their Census information by phoning the Census Operations team on 0300 244 9788 or by emailing and providing their location number. One of the team will then get back to help them provide their data.