PERTHSHIRE BASED ScotFast is a specialist company carrying out a variety of fencing, tree clearance, fabrication and minor civil works across the UK – but there is one constant on all its sites and that is its fleet of Can-Am Outlander 6x6 vehicles.

ScotFast has earned a reputation as the 'go to' company for its ability to quickly react, take control and execute high quality workmanship for its clients, and founder Scott Robinson reckons that these truly all-terrain Can-Am machines are a vital part of that service.

“At Scotfast we know that each job we undertake will have its own obstacles, whether that be manmade or natural, but we ensure our teams have the right equipment on hand," said Mr Robinson. "In the beginning, we started out using the old school quads and then where appropriate we brought in an argo when required. These vehicles did the job but it was not until one of our quads went in for a service that our eyes were opened to a vehicle that would enhance how we transported goods and generally moved about on site.

"The ATV that did this was the Can-Am Outlander 6x6, which was loaned to us by Rattray ATV, and prior to using it we had heard through the fencing forums that the 6x6 was an ATV that meant business –and they were not wrong,” he said.

After using this vehicle for a short while, Scott and company contracts manager Jeff Mitchell decided that it was the right vehicle for their business: “We purchased three 6x6 ATVs, which are fitted with winches, and two out of three have dual wheels in the centre. Since the purchase, these vehicles have become our ‘daily drivers’ on site and we have noticed some subtle efficiencies," said Mr Mitchell.

"The most obvious is the movement of tools. In the past, tools would have been stored in the ATV’s basket and it’s much the same for fencing. However, travelling across peat or mounded ground would cause the front wheels to drop down into voids and the rider would have to either rev and pop the wheels out and the back wheels would then fall in, rev and pop the back wheels out, the pick up the tools, fencing or other items and place them back in the basket.

“These three steps used to be a regular occurrence but now the 6x6 has completely changed this situation because when travelling at low to medium speeds, the extra axle ensures our drivers do not drop into the void but flow over them like they are not even there.”

In addition, Scott and Jeff find that the 650cc Rotax engine provides the Can-Am Outlander 6x6 with the ability to climb steep slopes with ease. Its lightweight design means that the fitted winches can de-bog the 6x6 from any predicament a fencer can create, and the powerful engine and the seamless gearbox make towing trailers with heavy loads light work. In addition, the ATVs are low maintenance machines, which leads to minimal downtown on site.

Scott concluded: “It is the perfect vehicle for our business, and we have recommended the Can-Am Outlander 6x6 to our sub-contractors. But what we have also found is that telling anyone about this ATV or explaining the difference between this vehicle and other makes and models is hard to achieve, so we have taken the practical approach. This means we go to visit a site with the Can-Am on a trailer and let them experience how easy crossing bad ground can be with the right equipment and once they have done this, they can also ask us questions about the ATV, which are the same ones we had at the beginning of our journey.”