WITH all sorts of innovative technology on the horizon of Scottish farming, Scotland’s Rural College has launched a series of online tech training films to explain exactly what what they do, how they do it, and what benefits are achieved.

Vertical farming, machine learning, drones and blockchain technology are just some of the topics explored in SRUCBytes, eight episodes of which can now be viewed on the SRUC website.

Senior Challenge Research Fellow at SRUC, Dr Hannah Rudman, has created the training sessions supported by colleagues at SAC Consulting: “We all love to talk about digital technologies as easier, better, faster ways to do things.

“SRUCBytes episodes provide an explanation of the basics of the tech and give us insight into how new tech is actually being deployed in the natural economy sector and the real benefits it achieves," she promised.

“Tech training around new technologies is important for everyone, as digital transformation introduces it more into our everyday work and lives.”

SRUCBytes was funded by a Universities Innovation Fund grant to SRUC, provided by the Scottish Funding Council.