Dairy Shorthorns met one of the dearest trades to date at Penrith and District Farmers Mart's special show and sale of dairy cattle, which averaged just shy of £2000.

A top price of 2200gns was achieved for Winbrook Jill 183, a heifer from GA and D Dent, Winton House, which sold giving 25litres per day after calving six days previous. She found a new home with JE Holliday and Son, Bishop Aukland, being a daughter of Blackwood Park Butternut, and out of Windbrook Jill 173.

The third calver, Moorriggs Lady Barrington 9 from S Armstrong and Sons, Moorriggs, achieved 2050gns when selling to R Crank and Son. This red and white Shorthorn is sired by Cotonhall Eclipse, out of Moorriggs Lady Barrington, and sold in-calf to Orchardhome Lord Walton 3.

Holstein Friesian heifers averaged £1904, with two achieving £2000 from RJ and FM Grierson, Musgrave Hall. First was a red ticket holder purchased by J Stalker, Ratten Castle, with the second heading home with TW Fawcett, Little Blencowe.

The six-week-old red heifer calf, Strickley Barrington Dot 31, from Messrs Robinson, Strickley, realised 550gns, with all proceedings being donated to RABI on behalf of The Westmorland County Show. She is a daughter of Bushmills Jazz and the dam is Strickley Barrington Dot 25, which is EX91 classified.

LEADING awards

Dairy Shorthorn – Heifer in-milk – 1 and reserve champion, Messrs Robinson, Strickley, Strickley Peeress Rose 47; 2, Messrs Ripley and Ramesar, Oxton Clarity Susannah 9; 3, M Jackson, Richmond Farm Cottage, Bilbro Butterbur. Cow in-milk – 1 and champion, DW Throup, Prospect Terrace, Broadlane Mossrose 18. Maiden/served heifer – 1, Messrs Robinson, Strickley, Strickley Starlet 159th; 2, S Armstrong and Sons, Moorriggs, Moorriggs Starbud 12. Bull – 1, Messrs Ripley and Ramesar, Rywell Grange, Oxton Belfast; 2, M Jackson, Richmond Farm Cottage, Oxton Bielsa.

Holstein Friesians – Heifer in milk – 1, RJ and FM Grierson, Musgrave Hall; 2, SJ and JE Ogden, Pears Ghyll; 3, Turnbull Farming, Monks House.

LEADING prices

Dairy Shorthorn – 2200gns Winbrook Jill; 2000gns Strickley Peerees Rose 47; 2000gns Strickley Foggathorpe Fragrance 51; 1920gns Kidstones Lady Laura 23; 1900gns Winbrook VI 183; 1900gns Bilbro Butterbur 7; 1850gns Oxton Ronald Wildeyes; 1850gns Oxton Clarity Susannah 9; 1800gns Strickley Oak Barrington 46.

In-calf cows – 2050gns Moorriggs Lady Barrington 9; 1650gns Moorriggs Bessie Browneyes 20.

In-milk cows – 1800gns Broadlane Mossrose 18.

Calves – 550gns Strickley Barrington Dot 31.

Holstein Friesian – In-milk heifers – Hols – £2000 (x2) Musgrave Hall; £1920, £1900 Monks House; £1700 Pears Ghyll. Frie – £1450, £1300 Low Brow.

In-calf cows – Hols – £1580, £1220 Lowther Park Farms.

In-calf heifers – Hols – £1400 (x2), £1350, £1300 (x2), £1250 Low Moor.

Yearling heifers – Hols – £660 (x2), £650 (x6) Low Moor.