EGG producers are being urged to register for Elanco’s Food Safety Program Roadshow, set to take place in Scotland, Yorkshire and Shropshire throughout September, to support the industry in maintaining food safety standards.

Technical consultant at Elanco, Rosie Booth, said, food safety standards in the egg supply chain start on-farm and attending these events will enable producers to understand how the FSP can help them minimise the risk of Salmonella.

Rosie Booth

Rosie Booth

“The FSP is a farmer-facing program which is designed to help producers maintain food safety standards. We’ve worked in collaboration with Noble Foods, egg producers and vets to develop the FSP to benefit producers and ensure the UK’s high reputation remains.”

The FSP takes producers on a journey which will enable them to maintain food safety standards by encouraging them to challenge their current practices, stay alert to any changes on-farm and keep improving food safety.

“Initially, producers will review what they’re doing on-farm so they can identify and prioritise risk factors. Then the producer’s packer, if they are aligned to one, Elanco and the farm vet can benchmark the results and help come up with a plan to further reduce risks or keep their risk low,” continued Rosie, who added that it was important to be realistic with the recommendations and timescales for change.

“The FSP provides guidance on where to start, with a plan to tackle the biggest factors first and gradually reduce the risk over time,” she said.

A number of industry experts will be speaking at the roadshow to discuss the key areas of focus within the FSP and elaborate on how this can benefit producers. This includes seminars on biosecurity, Salmonella genome sequencing and prevalence, pest and rodent control as well as a practical Code of Practice update from the BEIC.

There are limited spaces for this farmer event. Sign up for your nearest roadshow here: