TWO HERDS dominated proceedings in the recent West of Scotland Holstein Club herds competition.

Tarshaw won most points overall with Whiteflat picking up the runner-up prize.

Places were reversed for the best team of 10 cows or heifers. Tarshaw also won the highest placed home-bred team and best heifer having had one calving, with Whiteflat winning best red and white heifer and best group of four heifers.

Nine herds were forward for the competition, judged by Euan Lawrie.


Team of 10 cows or heifers all having had at least one calving – 1, Whiteflat; 2, Tarshaw; 3, Strandhead; 4, East Carngillan.

Highest placed home-bred team from above – 1, Tarshaw.

Best cow having had at least twp calvings and part of a team – 1, Myrah Dorman Elizabeth; 2, Ve-tech Beamer Bubble; 2, Tarshaw Goodwhone Kathleen 2.

Best bred – 1, Ve-tech Beamer Bubble.

Best calved heifer – 1, Tarshaw Lamboa Raven; 2, Whiteflat Jordy Lizzie Red; 3, Clydeview Secretairat Abbey.

Semen World trophy – 50,000 litre cow – 1, Syke Attwood Jodie; 2, Kilmaurs Magnet Brenda; 3, Tarshaw Presentation Kathleen.

Red and white heifer – 1, Whiteflat Jordy Lizzie Red; 2, Glenmuir Attico Jodie Red.

Red and white cow – 1, Panoa Elana Fools Gold Red.

Group of three calved females – 1, East Carngillan (Berryholm Magnet; 2, Tarshaw - Cogent Supershot; 3, Strandhead – Attwood.

Family group or two sisters – 1, Boylston - Elizabeth family; 2, Tarshaw - Raven family; 3, Strandhead - Jodie family.

Group of four heifers – 1, Whiteflat; 2, Tarshaw; 3, Perryston.

Points – 1, Tarshaw; 2, Whiteflat.