A return to the on-farm Great from Grass sale of breeding sheep at Fearn Farm, Ross-shire on behalf of the Scott family, again included a range of Aberfield, Texel, Beltex, Sufftex and NZ Suffolk rams and gimmers forward, with buyers able to purchase stock via the Yourbid system, or attend in person.

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"We were delighted with the way the sale went, both in terms of the prices we received and the level of clearance, given that we had more sheep forward than ever before," said John, adding that 126 grass-fed rams achieved an average of £815, with 331 gimmers cashing in at £169.

Topping the sale at £2000 was a Texel ram sired by Glenway Boris, whilst females peaked at £195 for a pen of Aberfield cross gimmers, by home-bred Aberfield rams.

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averages: Rams – 40 Tex, £829 (£1021); seven Belt, £810 (£940); 14 Sufftex,£592; 21 New Zealand Suff, £726 (£684); 44 Aberfield, £916 (£1203). Gimmers – 182 Aberfield X, £169 (£146); 100 NZ Suff X, £171.65 (£127); 49 Tex X, £163.26 (£145).