LH Agro has launched two new Topcon Agriculture manual guidance and autosteering receivers, the AGM-1 and AGS-2, plus a new satellite and bridging correction service, Topnet Live aimed at improving the accuracy and repeatability of precision farming ops.

“The ability to accurately position cultivation, seeding and spraying equipment underpins the entire concept of precision farming,” said Richard Reed, of LH Agro. “With the reliability, accuracy and durability of products including satellite receivers, steering kits and control consoles playing a massive part in ensuring farming operations can be carried out quickly and efficiently along repeatable A-B lines.

"So we have developed two new manual guidance and auto-steering receivers along with a new signal correction service to improve an already highly accurate guidance systems.”

The Topcon AGS-2 allows up to four satellite constellations to be tracked simultaneously, allowing for more stable GPS positioning, and it can track GPS, GLONAS, GALILEO and BEIDOU satellites for accurate positioning no matter where you are farming.

The Topcon AGM-1 is a next gen manual guidance receiver (replacing the Topcon SGR-1) which has been designed to be more durable than its predecessor, whilst allowing additional features such as Topcon TruPass, which delivers more accurate and more stable pass-to-pass positioning in dynamic applications, to be used.

Both are also smaller than their precursors, making them less noticeable when installed and less susceptible to accidental damage.

Additional features, including NavBridge – which allows GPS signals to be approximated when coverage is interrupted by tree cover – and SkyBridge, a new signal bridging service, which ensures machines guided by the AGS-2 receiver on an RTK signal can continue to operate if the signal is momentarily interrupted.

“The new Topnet Live suite of signal correction services allows users to benefit from an RTK guidance signal without the need to connect to a fixed base station,” Mr Reed pointed out. “This enables growers to operate across a wider area without having to constantly change from one base station to the next, and without having to worry about signal losses.”

Topnet Live is subscription-based, with four levels of accuracy available.