The all-electric compact tractor being sold under the Farmtrac brand has been turning a few heads recently at the Game Fair, where it made its public debut.

The FT25G electric tractor has been hailed as the ‘future of the industry’ with its lithium-ion battery. While that bold statement might take some time to come true across the board, there will be niche markets, like fruit and veg farms, which will be increasingly under the cosh to reduce their carbon footprint, especially to some of the more picky buyers.

There's also the added benefit of low noise levels and zero emissions for these little workers who can achieve up to seven hours of work from a single charge.

After hearing about the groundbreaking tractor on popular electric-centric YouTube channel ‘Fully Charged’, Off-Road Electric owner, Marc Monsarrat – who secialises in electric ATVs – was straight in touch with Reesink Agriculture, Farmtrac’s distributor, to arrange a demo.

He commented: “We were already stocking electric quad bikes, buggies and converting Land Rovers into electric vehicles, so I knew instantly that an electric tractor would be a perfect fit. Particularly as a number of our clients were smallholders with a passion for going green.

“The Farmtrac FT25G is a serious machine. We only sell sturdy off-road vehicles and this is a proper workhorse utility vehicle. After having a demo, I was impressed by its robustness and quality.”

Marc added: “The pandemic has taught many in the agricultural sector to do things differently. I speak to a growing number of customers who are looking to shed carbon and gradually move towards doing everything electrically.

“Some customers were already using electric quad bikes but also wanted a pto to run mowing attachments. The FT25G is the missing piece of the puzzle for eco-friendly farmers and estates seeking to mow or till the land with zero emissions.”