Visitors to last weekend's British National Ploughing Championships were treated to some added background noise at Mindrum Mill, in Northumberland.

Kelso-based post-hitter king, Jock Bryce's pride and joy – a 1999 Case 7250 Magnum Pro and a 1955 Caterpillar D6 tracked machine – were roaring away, with the throaty Case easily pulling a 3m Sumo Trio, even with the six subsoil tines set to a depth of 30cm.

He said: "The Case rig and the D6 didn't half catch the eye with the punters. Without exception, they all loved the sound of raw power and relative simplicity of the tractive force from what I call the golden era.

"Some folk took note of the length of the Magnum compared with modern-day tractors which are all relatively short-coupled, presumably to reduce turning circles, but the they need extra ballast up front to pin them down and give them weight transfer for draught work."

The Cat D6 had extended one-metre wide bog tracks and 10-tonne Boughton hydraulic winch for de-bogging purposes on the front. "I used this for opening up hill sheep drains to drain the land and help control liver fluke – only memories now as it all has to be left to go to bog now within the Greens' parameters," added Jock.