Blackface shearling ram records were equalled at Lanark, when the pen leader from the Wights at Midlock, Crawford, sold for a colossal £100,000 in a four-way split.

Add in another three £40,000 sales, one at £32,000, a £30,000 shearling and another eight five-figure transactions and Ring 1 averages were bolstered by a massive £330 per head.

Overall, 236 shearling rams were sold to average £3487.92, against last year's event which saw a top prices of £60,000 and £48,000 and an average of £3156.09 for 238.

Matching the previous £100,000 bid paid for a shearling from Nunnerie, in 2019, was the best from Allan Wight, son Allan and his son Ben, Midlock, Crawford, which was producing a personal best for the family. A son of the £45,000 Nunnerie bought at Dalmally in 2019 which has already bred several five-figure priced rams for his owners; he is out of a ewe by a £24,000 Connachan and sold four ways to Alastair and David MacArthur, Nunnerie, Elvanfoot; Iain Campbell, Glenrath, Peebles; Ian Hunter, Dalchirla, Crieff and the Wights paying the remaining £25,000 for an equal share.

Nunnerie and Dalchirla also joined forces to buy the first of the £40,000 shearlings in the No 1 from Glenrath. He is by the £100,000 Nunnerie sold here in 2019.

Ian Hunter, Dalchirla, and Midlock, then teamed up to purchase the No 2 from Jimmy MacGregor and son Donald, Dyke, Milton of Campsie, at £40,000. He is by a £17,000 Midlock.

Matching that £40,000 sale when selling to Gordon Pate, Moorfoot, Gorebridge and Alan McClymont, Kirkstead, Yarrow, was No 1 from Burncastle Farming Co, Lauder, managed by Alan Rogerson. This ET bred ram is by the £42,000 Glenrath shearling purchased here in 2017.

Archie and John MacGregor, Allanfauld, Kilsyth, got the sale going within the first 10 minutes, when their shearling, better known as The Bandicoot, made £32,000, selling to Sam McClymont, Tinnis and Billy Renwick, Blackhouse, both Yarrow and Burncastle Farming Co. He is by the £3500 Dalchirla shearling bought at Dalmally in 2019.

Later, Nunnerie sold a shearling, by a home-bred son of a £6000 Elmscleugh for £30,000, to Allanfauld, Dyke and Midlock.

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