The return of Agri-Expo was one to remember for Mark and Sarah Harryman, Pickering, when they secured the overall championship from more than 200 entries in the suckled calf classes.

After a year out because of Covid-19 restrictions, exhibitors and spectators were on full force once again and were able to enjoy a cracking line up of cattle on display, along with various trade stands and breed societies’ national calf shows.

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After much deliberation by the judge, James Crichton, Loughrigg, Egremont, Cumbria, the main title went to the Limousin cross heifer, Miss Dynamite, bred by Brian Harper, Greenwells, Falkirk. Having secured the Great Yorkshire Show championship earlier in the year, this August, 2020-born calf crossed the weighbridge at 601kg.

“I had the pleasure of having an out standing quality of cattle in front of me at the event, with the very few shows that have been on I was concerned for the numbers, but everyone went to a subconscious effort to make it the event it was, the effort being put into these animals to make them show ready was exceptional,” said Mr Crichton.

“However, my champion today was just the perfect weight for a butchers’ animal, being in equal proportions throughout. She was wide right throughout and clean through her brisket, being well fleshed over her places. An all round well-balanced animal.”

He added: “My reserve was a very similar type, but she was just not quite as sweet over her tail head as my first placed animal.” That was the reserve placed heifer, Atomic Blonde, from Dermot, Gareth and Mark Small, and Beth Wilkinson, Kilkeel, Co Down.

Their home-bred Limousin cross was sired by Gerrygallen Kingbull and out of the Charolais cross show star, Strawberry Blonde, which ruled supreme at the Expo in 2018. This 15-month-old heifer crossed the weigh bridge at 676kg.

Black Bomber blew his way to the top spot among the steers for Katrina Little and Hannah Donaldson, The Guards, Wigton. Their 15-month-old Limousin cross calf was bred by P and A Jarman, Brathwaite, and was purchased at Carlisle, in March, for £1700. Weighing 595kg, this boy is now destined for LiveScot later this month and the Welsh Winter Fair.

Another Carlisle purchase bred by P and A Jarman, bagged the reserve steer championship. This was Call The Cops from Paul Tippets and Christine Williams, Wilodge, Shifnal, Shropshire, which they bought in March for £2000.

This June, 2020-born Limousin cross was sired by the Limousin bull, Rossignol, and bred out of a Limousin cross dam. On his first outing, he is now set to take on LiveScot, the English Winter Fair and the Welsh Winter Fair.

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LEADING awards:

Native steer – 1, A Ewing’s Beltie Boy, Belted Galloway; 2, J and S Wareham’s Bongo, Galloway; 3, Owen Brothers’ Gwynys Brenin, Welsh Black.

Native heifer – 1, J and S Wareham’s Cheeky Pimms, Galloway cross; 2, G Gray’s Ettrick Gaenor, A-A; 3, D Logan’s Rogan Kickass Katie, Galloway.

Continental steer (split by weight) – Super light – 1, T Jones’ Smokey, Lim X; 2, S McKinnel’s Back To Black, Lim X; 3, A Paterson’s Ginger Snap, Lim X. Light – 1, Little and Donaldson’s Black Bomber, Lim X; 2, J MacKay’s Mighty Mouse, Lim X; 3, JC and B Mellin’s Barney’s Boy, BB X. Intermediate – 1, Wildoge’s Call The Cops, Lim X; 2, TE and FM Edwards’ Redback, Lim; 3, L Calcraft’s Badhabits, Lim X. Heavy – 1, Harryman and Warriner’s Black Jack, Lim X; 2, S and L Bett’s Hurricane, BB X; 3, W Roberston and Son’s Copland Road, Lim X.

Young Farmers’ steer – 1, Kendal College’s Ironbru, Lim X; 2, Rachel Graham’s Black Magic, Lim X. Special Charolais steer – 1, N Slack’s Fudge, Char X.

Continental heifer (split by weight) – Super light – 1, J MacKay’s Mystic Madge, Lim; 2, I and H Townson’s Pumpkin, Lim X; 3, A and A Harrison’s Tutti Fruiti, Lim X. Light – 1, S and H Dunlop’s Molly Malone, Char X; 2, T Holloway’s Tango, Lim X; 3, D Miller’s Aila, Lim X. Light intermediate – 1, T and J Gratton’s Black Bess, Lim X; 2, Hopwood Commercials’ Rizzlekicks, Lim X; 3, J and S Wareham’s Warehams Pip, BB. Intermediate – 1, LT and SE Sellers’ Sharkira, Lim X; 2, T Jones’ Tuby, Lim X; 3, Hopwood commercials’ Dance Monkey. Intermediate heavy – 1, G and B Wilkinson and Small’s Voodoo Magic, Lim X; 2, B Duffton’s Babybell, Lim X; 3, Edwards Brothers’ Smartie, Lim X. Light heavy – 1, Harryman and Warriner’s Miss Dynamite, Lim X; 2, Hendry, Leslie and Davidson’s Black Magic, Lim X; 3, B Duffton’s Bed-Hopper, Lim X. Heavy – 1, Smallburn Farms’ She’s A Belter, Lim X; 2, Wilodge’s In For A Penny, Lim X; 3, JC and B Mellin’s Living The Dream, Lim X. Super heavy – 1, Wilkinson and Smith-Jackson’s Ivy Farm Royalty, Lim; 2, A and N Roberts’ Tequila, Lim X; 3, RDA Cattle services’ Coco, Lim X. Heaviest – 1, G and B Wilkinson Small’s Atomic Blonde, Lim X; 2, Wilodge’s Read All About It, BB X; 3, S and L Bett’s Twister, Lim X.

Young Farmers’ heifer – 1, M Robertson’s Penny Arcade, Lim X; 2, J and R Foster Blackshaw’s Charlie, Char X; 3, Edwards Brothers’ Black Magic, BB X. Special Charolais heifer – 1, H and S Dunlop’s Molly Malone, Char X; 2, J and R Foster Blackshaw’s Charlie, Char X; 3, K Watret’s Cream Cracker, Char X.